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Self talk

Oh boy.

I have a LOT going on right now. Is there such a thing as a goal-junkie? I’ve gone from never ever setting goals, for fear of never reaching them, to wanting a set, measurable goal for everything I do. Yes, this is good, but as a person who gets overwhelmed easily, sometimes I fear that I’m setting myself up for failure.  The key to all of this is going to be organization – once again, not normally one of my strengths. Hello, 2015 Challenge.

From past experience in things like Weight Watchers and onthejob happenings, I know that if I have a measurable goal and keep track of progress, I WILL accomplish it. Now that I’m starting a new job from home, getting fit, learning Spanish, returning to the Catholic church, and in the meantime trying to be an exceptional mom and spouse(ish), I realize how important it is to measure daily, weekly, monthly, and have set benchmarks to know if I’m keeping up. This is where my passion planner comes in. Now, because I was late to the game, I’m not getting it til February so I just have to Hold On through January so that I don’t lose motivation.

This is likely a real bore of a post to anyone who isn’t me, so congratulations if you actually read it. Sometimes you just need to put it out there, ya know? (I know.)

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So this is what it feels like to have a passion to do something. I kinda like it. Every day I propel myself one step closer to my ultimate destination, the Camino de Santiago. I’ve never been really big on setting goals and actually accomplishing them, mostly because I never had that real drive to DO SOME WORK to get there. This, though, is different. It feels good, and right, and natural. It feels like what I’ve been looking for all along.



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Day 2 and Complete Randomness

Alrightie, so I have now officially walked 2 DAYS IN A ROW, people! This is not actually a grand reason to celebrate, but it will do. Here’s where I am on my fictional Camino, thanks to Walking 4 fun –

Screenshot 2014-09-03 at 3.03.27 PM


Yep, I’m moving right along — almost halfway to Roncesvalles. Is this entertaining to anyone besides me? I dunno. Oh well. I think it’s cool. 

And here’s what I might look like in 2 years when I am 7.2-ish miles in:

Screenshot 2014-09-03 at 3.07.17 PM


Aaaah! Isn’t it pretty?! I will be one of those little dot people! 

Obviously I’m ridiculously excited about this — oops, have I said that before? I am going to say it so many more times. The views and the travel are big reasons for the anticipation, but more than that, it will be time to reflect, time to spend with my Dad, and time to really get down to the basics of life…utter simplicity. I have to be careful not to wish my life away these next 2 years waiting for Camino time. 

Next up for me in the next few days:

  • House cleaning and purging — simplicity is addictive!
  • Looking for some sort of way to make money so I can keep up this whole being-at-home thing.
  • Packing for one more trip to Tallahassee for the first home FSU game! woot!
  • Walking, walking, walking, walking

Here’s some good music for you while you eagerly await my next mind-blurb. So much fun. I wanna hang out with these guys. 




On thinking of others’ thoughts … or not.


My book came today! The Pilgrim’s Guide to the Camino de Santiago — from what I’ve read, it’s the holy grail of guide books, and just about every peregrino on the Camino has used it to help guide them along the way. It looks too new to me, I can’t wait til it’s all beaten up and has been loved a little.

Tonight I find myself worrying about other people. In the insecure way, not the sweet way. Seeing the little tiny bit of traffic to my blog, and thinking about if other people will mock me for my passion to do this. (I know that’s not a complete sentence, but I’m not necessarily thinking in complete sentences at the moment.) I could start a new blog, but the last 8 years of my life have been documented here, in fits and spurts. I don’t want to fit and spurt anywhere else – Sha-pow and I have a history. So it will be done here, mocked or not, and I will choose not to think about what others think of my thoughts. So there.


…and because I’m having a glass of wine and listening to music, I’ll share the first song in my Camino playlist. I heard it for the first time today and it’s just perfect. Here ya go –


Here we go, 2014.

Well, the first walk/run of 2014 has happened. I’m starting out slow, doing Jon Acuff’s 30 Days of Hustle. I chose a relatively simple goal for this first 30 days, because I know how much more I’m motivated in other areas when I’m doing something to keep myself in shape. Here’s to getting in 50 miles this month. I think it can be done.