thegoobery-128.jpg    Yeah so the gist of it all is at the top of my blog.  Details come with the reading of the contents….


When I started this blog I was a not-yet-divorced, very frazzled mother of 2 young girls. Now, 10 years later, I’m a very divorced, 3-years-engaged mother of 2 young women. A lot has changed. I’m still sometimes frazzled, but for the most part am happy about the crazy life (lives) I’ve lived. 

Currently I’m obsessed with my upcoming 45 day hike (including travel time) on the Camino De Santiago. 

So that’s me. For now. 


Another edit:

It’s been a long few years, thanks to a crazy “president,” Covid, and my current chosen profession. I won’t complain about the last thing, it’s why I’m currently on the way to Sacramento with my son (surprise!) and daughter. Luckiest woman alive, me.

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