My Issues...?

Just when I thought I could do anything…

…oh, hello doubt!

Seriously, tonight I flipped out about parking downtown and instead of meeting my trivia boss I just turned around and headed home. Um, I used to go downtown all the time and fight the crowds – never bothered me. While I’m driving around, afraid to park too far away and walk by myself, I thought, “Why do you think you can do things? How will you walk the Camino when you can’t even FLIPPING DRIVE DOWNTOWN AND PARK without nearly having a panic attack?”




Tonight, I’m disappointed in myself. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.






The Rumble of Change meant a new career! I can always count on you, Mr Rumble. 


Taking the other half of my teacher certification test on Friday. Somewhere in this cluster of a blog I talked about the first half… way back in 2007. I procrastinate well, obviously.


  1. Teaching
  2. Going to St. Croix in 45 FLIPPING DAYS!
  3. Hitting the pool in 8 minutes.

That’s all folks.