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So this is what it feels like to have a passion to do something. I kinda like it. Every day I propel myself one step closer to my ultimate destination, the Camino de Santiago. I’ve never been really big on setting goals and actually accomplishing them, mostly because I never had that real drive to DO SOME WORK to get there. This, though, is different. It feels good, and right, and natural. It feels like what I’ve been looking for all along.



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  1. I felt the exact same thing when I was “training” for my Camino. It gave me such a purpose to get out of the door every day and take a walk/hike, and it felt incredible to be working towards something, bit by bit (and I have to tell you, from my experience this summer on the Camino, all of my training was probably the best preparation I could have done. The Camino wasn’t exactly easy, but I didn’t feel the aches and pains like most people did). So… keep walking!!


  2. Wow, if you already feel that way here at home wait until you place your first foot on the camino. The experiences are going to come at you quickly and all at once. Don’t be surprised if you tear up on a couple of occasions. I saw it happen more than once. People got overwhelmed with inexplicable emotion; myself included. I got teary eyed in the middle of a mountain on a dirt path that ran into the stream. I don’t know why but the sound of the stream flowing and the birds chirping in the background really got to me. I lost it. I bawled. That night I slept like a rock.


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