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This is

the inbetween blog before the fancy one. Just to clarify.

Something to share.
Backstory: A lovely friend of mine tends to come to me for relationship advice. (stop laughing, I’m right here) There’s a girl he’s liked for awhile; she’s taken up much of his brain time lately, and I’ve tried to help when I could. Of course there have been complications, but she sent this video to him just a few days ago. I’d say he’s caught her, what do you think?

mind blurbs

Pay no attention.

When I’m tired, like I am right now, I want to make slightly emo,  cryptic blogs and facebook statuses, with words like My Stupid Heart, and Why Bother.  But I don’t, because I don’t want to seem slightly (or not so slightly) emo and/or cryptic.

My Stupid Heart.

Why Bother.

Ahh the intro stripped it of its sting. Perfect.

mind blurbs

Don’t you hate it when

…you go to get some orange juice out of the fridge, and it looks like there isnt much left so you decide to just chug it out of the jug, but then halfway through drinking it, you realize that there’s more in there than you wanted, but you can’t put it back in the refrigerator, because that’s gross and you don’t want someone else to have to use the same container you drank out of,  and you end up with a bellyful of juice right before you were planning on going to bed?

what I can't say out loud

Dear Man,

Dangling a carrot in front of a woman just so that you can have the power to take it away is vile, whether that woman is your wife or your daughter. Your need for control is ruining your relationships.  I’d love to be able to tell you this in person, but your lack of respect for me wouldn’t allow for a meaningful conversation.  I hope you dump the anger and resentment and get your emotional self together before you lose the ones you love most. For their sakes.


mind blurbs


  • I don’t understand why 30 year old women love Taylor Lautner.  He’ll always be Shark Boy to me.
  • A headache has descended upon me…it’s arse needs to be kicked before I host trivia tonight, or I’ll be no fun.
  • I ran 2.5 miles today! Go me!
  • The Winter Olympics make me think of my dad.  Wish I could be in Perry watching with him.
  • Annie buried her treat under the cushion of her bed. Now she can’t find it, and it’s amusing me….so I just got up and got it for her.  She promptly re-hid it. Probably pretty ticked that I found it so quickly.
  • Is it summer yet?