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Time makes you bolder

Alright so I just updated my About section on here, because I felt like it was time – that picture is super old.  While updating, I realized that I have been blogging for nearly TEN YEARS. TEN! These have been the ten most trying years of my life, I think. And I love that in some way, shape or form, they’re documented. I’m not proud of everything – far from it – but it’s there. Sometimes just pictures, or videos, or songs (lawd, tons of songs.) There’s something comforting about going back and seeing growth and maybe even a little wisdom seeping in over the years. Tons of cringing too, ugh.

Anyhoo. My blog brain has been renewed. I no longer feel as if I’m writing for someone else to see. It’s just me here, and really I just want to have something to measure by.

Now I’m gonna go to Disney and help my sister celebrate her 40th birthday, a little late.


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