camino de santiago


Current set of worries about my upcoming Camino Frances:

  1. I haven’t trained nearly enough. By now I was supposed to be walking 5 miles a day during the week and 10-ish miles one day of the weekend. Currently at 5 mile walks 3-4 times a week. Also: no hills in Florida, so I’m afraid I’m ill-prepared.
  2. My Salomon Speedcross 3s may not be working for me. I expected some adjustment period, because they have a lot more support than I’m used to, but the balls of my feet aren’t cushioned enough and I’m getting hotspots after 4 miles. Decision making time – take them back to REI and try something else, or get some insoles?
  3. I’m a fast walker, generally. Since I’m going to be with my dad, I’m concerned that our paces will not match up in an ideal way. Figuring out the best way to handle that – decide on an albergue ahead of time and both of us end up there, in our own time? Or slow my pace down because this is a once in a lifetime I get to experience with him? Note: this could be a completely wrong assumption and he could leave me in the dust. ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Feeling a little guilt about leaving my girls for so long, especially since it will be Kate’s first month of her senior year. They’re both excited like crazy for me, but you know, momguilt. It’s a thing.
  5. I have approximately 1,345,323 books about Camino, but something is keeping me from being exact about planning. (This is probably a good thing, come to think of it.)
  6. Health stuff. So many doctor’s appointments between now and September. Gotta make sure I don’t keel over while I’m in Spain. Just general anxiety about the ticker.

I’m still (of course) stupid excited about going, and I’m praying that my mind will settle once we start walking. That’s my hope, at least. Clear skies, clear mind. โค



2 thoughts on “worryworryworry

  1. 1) I reckon you’re doing well and you really do have loads of time left. 2) I had a nightmare trying to get shoes and in the end chose wrong ๐Ÿ˜ฆ if you have the slightest doubt take them back… you still have lots of time to break them in. 3) I bet once there you’ll both find your own pace and arrange to meet up… it’s a common problem so you’ll find everyone else doing the same 4) That’s a toughie… I felt the same… am I selfish for leaving my husband working and doing all the school stuff while I go off on a jolly? He says no and he means it… I bet they do too xx 5) you’re right to not plan… I spent hours making a plan and ditched it on day 2 ๐Ÿ™‚ 6) I cant help with that one, except that like you I have some health niggles.. my docs said walking was the best thing i could do and wished me well.

    I’m no expert, so these are just my thoughts… but it’s nice to know that I’m not alone in the world with all my worries! You’re going to have a GREAT time!


  2. Great post. It’s perfectly natural to worry. I do it even to this day before I go on a Camino. First of all, take your time. It isn’t a race, remember that, so build up your stamina as the days go by. You have plenty of time to get used to your pack and your shoes. The first day is the worst but once you are over that, you can ease yourself into it.
    Don’t plan too much. Let yourself go when you arrive. You will thank yourself when you arrive in Santiago. Having too many expectations is a bad thing. Also, just a piece of advice, some of the best albergues are away from the end stages in Brierley’s guide.
    I’m afraid I can’t help you with the rest, but everything will fall into place.


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