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Perry thoughts

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This morning I’m sitting in the quiet of my parents’ house, listening to the rain, drinking water (not coffee yet, I blame my 30 Days of Hustle water challenge for that) and feeling super peaceful. Super peaceful? I am not a surfer. You know what I mean. I’ll never be quite as elegant as I’d like to be. 

Because the parents are off cruising to Alaska, Shawn and I get their season tickets and will be up in Tallahassee for this evening’s game. YAY! Unfortunately, it’s going to rain like a mofo all day, so I will be a complete drowned rat by 3:30. BOO! Meh, not so much boo, it’ll be fun as long as I’m not slipping and sliding on my way to the stadium. Or maybe, just maybe, the sun’ll come out and it will be a glorious Florida afternoon. I’ll letcha know how that works out. Maybe a live post from the game, wouldn’t that be fun? 

Alright, I’m off to see if the treadmill still works. I have walking and water-drinking to do. 


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