goals · organization

Self talk.

Hey. This blog will probably be boring to anyone besides myself, but I felt the need earlier to jot some things down…. and according to me, if I ever feel an actual urge to write it, it has to be blogged.
so, without further ado~

I want to be:

  • the kind of mom who makes special dinners for Valentines Day.
  • the one who actually decorates for Valentines Day and other not-so-significant holidays.
  • the one whose children can’t wait to come home to new seasonal decor. Might sound silly, but I always felt a thrill coming home to see Indian corn hanging by the door, or bunnies in the window, or pine boughs on the fence.
  • the kind of neighbor and housekeeper who can invite people in spontaneously
  • the kind of person who lives her spirituality. who has peace. who sees the humor in life and the big picture.

All of this seems almost trivial today, writing it. And overemphasizing things like housekeeping and messiness…. I wonder if it’s some of the cult mentality still haunting me. I don’t want to use that as an excuse, because, seriously, I do have issues with organization and tidiness. For goodness sake, I still have my Christmas tree up and it’s February 15th. Geez. I can do better than that.

One good thing. Looks like I’m finally getting an idea of what I want to be. This isn’t coming from a neat freak husband or a pampered pulpit preacher. I’m realizing that I’m a better person, and a happier person, when things are better organized. Jinkies. Is this growing up a little? Hmm.

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