camino de santiago

Father/Daughter Camino — works for me :)

Lawd. After a bottle of wine and lots of talk with my Pop, it’s decided. We’re going to do the Camino together in September 2016. Done deal. He has already bought 3 books, has priced out transportation to St Jean, and has bought a Spanish phrases book.  He’s as far gone as I am. We’re going to make some memories! I’m just not sure what the rest of the family is going to do for a monthish while we’re gone. 🙂 I guess that’ll be up to them. 

Man, I love my crazy life. 


Also — FSU plays tomorrow*! woot! I’m ready for football season! I think I’ll take some pics tomorrow and throw them up here. 



* technically tomorrow is today, since it’s flipping 3:18 am and I’m still up looking at Camino things and FSU Marching Chiefs videos. Who cares?! It’s a 3 day weekend! Superwoot!

3 thoughts on “Father/Daughter Camino — works for me :)

  1. You should put a countdown calendar on your blog! I did it on my old blog when I was preparing for my trip. It really keeps you motivated and focused or at least that’s how it made me feel. I’m excited for you! Oh the landscapes and the smell of eucalyptus in the morning…to die for!


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