Boring snippet of the day :)

I love my job. All day I help ladies feel good about themselves, make them up for special occasions, help them take care of their skin, all while enjoying the thrill of a sale. The people I work with are a joy, for the most part, and we all help each other out whenever possible. But I’m leaving. The 29th of August will be my last day there, mainly because I have an hour to drive, there and back, daily. The gas money is killing me, and with Abby starting college on the 25th, I need some more $$$. 

So the next logical thing to assume would be that I have a job all lined up, right? Nope. Shawn has said, “take your time, find the perfect thing,” so I’ve lined up some volunteer work at the closest St Vincent de Paul food pantry/thrift shop and we’ll just see what happens from there. I’ve already started thinking that The Camino Will Provide. I really do feel as if I’ve already started it. Now, at this point in a conversation, my mother would start to worry that I was going to sit on my laurels and mooch off of Shawn while my head is in the clouds/on the Camino. Not happening! I’ll likely pick up another trivia and do some other things until I find something I enjoy that’s a little closer to home. 

Ugh this is boring, I think.

I picked up another book about the Camino last night – I’m Off, Then: Losing and Finding Myself on the Camino de Santiago. Pretty interesting so far (in contrast to this morning’s blog – my apologies) and it’s nice to read a more light hearted, honest approach. 

Time to get ready for work! I’ll leave you with this:

14 days til FSU football!!!
14 days til FSU football!!!


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