A little light lunch blogging

So, it’s safe to say that I’m slightly obsessed with the Camino. I don’t want to flood twitter or facebook feeds with endless posts, so I’ll do it here. 

Yesterday I joined up with the local American Pilgrims on Camino (APOC) group, and can’t wait to get involved and start really talking with people who have done it. At this point I think I could talk (or listen, or read) about it all day and never tire. I’m even getting up early in the morning before work to get more reading done. Obsessed, I tell ya! I wish I could buy my plane ticket to France now, just to be sure that it happens. Part of me worries that my excitement will taper. This can’t end up one of those things that I only talk about, it just can’t. I refuse to wait til I’m old to live. 

Kate showed me a song yesterday. It’s wonderful, so I’m gonna show you. Yes, it’s going on my Camino playlist. I think I have a playlist problem. 🙂 

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