So, hi.

 I’ve been gone for a bit. Lots of reasons for it, most of them probably incredibly boring and insignificant to anyone but me.  I’ve noticed quite a few hits lately, which is a bit baffling, considering that it’s been quite awhile since I posted. 

just some catch-up things:

  • still haven’t picked a church to attend
  • still haven’t gotten an acceptable job
  • my house is relatively clean
  • my children are pretty happy
  • BethyGirl1 is playing the trombone now
  • BethyGirl2 is playing soccer on a more serious team, and she’s pretty doggone happy about it
  • I am currently eating a Cracker Barrel Cheese Stick, sharp cheddar, which I highly recommend

Perhaps I’m back more regularly now, we’ll see.

In the meantime, BethyGirl1 came home from school and told me about Charlie the Unicorn. Have you heard about this?

Here he is:

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