I went to Perkins today.

Oh my goodness, has the bethy life been complicated lately.  Seems that nothing is ever simple. 

But enough of TheThingsThatI’mTiredOfThinkingAbout.

 My young but wise ex co-worker, who one day will be a famous person in some capacity, I’m sure, wrote a blog yesterday.  He teaches Shakespeare to a group of children, and instructed them to compose a journal entry using only “I believe” as the theme.  He did his own, and inspired me to see what I could come up with. His is infinitely more poetic, and I dare not attempt to compare, but it was fun nonetheless. And made me think. Which is sometimes good. Here’s mine, and I challenge you to do your own. Let your mind wander.

I believe in God.
I believe in love.
I believe they are the same.
I believe in journeys of a thousand miles leading to perfection.
I believe that unrequited love is quite likely one of the most beautiful emotions ever.
I believe that dreams come true.
I believe in fate.
I believe that sometimes we have control over life and sometimes we just have to enjoy the ride and see where it takes us.
I believe in children.
I believe that they live what they learn.
I believe in being true to yourself.
I believe in gut feelings, and following them, even if you don’t understand them.
I believe in Disney magical moments.
I believe that we can make friends with someone’s soul.
I believe in learning from one’s mistakes.
I believe in being alone.
I believe in getting the party started.
I believe in romance, but not over the top.
I believe in breakfast.anytime.
I believe in having it your way.
I believe that once you get rid of the need to please others, that you begin to discover who you really are.
I believe that you get back what you give.
I believe that 20-somethings who have their whole lives in front of them are unstoppable.
I believe in making promises to yourself.
I believe in never settling.
I believe that if you do the perfect thing at the wrong time, you could kill it.
I believe that if it’s meant to be, it will happen.
I believe that there is good in everyone.
I believe that the people who look for evil everywhere will find it.
I believe that I know what I’m doing, although looks may be deceiving.
I believe in planes, trains, and automobiles. and boats. heck. transportation in general.
I believe in looking out for number one when necessary.
I believe in making friends who are not like you.
I believe that everything will be just fine.

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