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Defunked, I do believe. (not defunct)

Hi folks. Bootstrap time again.

Which means a list of all the crap I didn’t get done whilst funking.

and none of it will be interesting to you. ha. but look, you’re sucked in, aren’t you?

here goes:

  • pay ticket that is probably past 30 days, or possibly just send a random check for 200 bucks to the Florida Highway Patrol.
  • do the online driver school for the ticket I got on Easter… 
  • realize that I really need to drive more carefully before I’m broke.
  • take Annie to the groomer, since our week at the beach was also a week at the beachhouse with fleas. yay. I now have a matted, itchy shih-tzu with skin problems. woot woot!
  • finish cleaning my downstairs. I’m on a roll, finally. 
  • go for a walk with the girlies.  briskly.

I can’t think of anything else at the moment, but if I get that stuff accomplished it will be considered a Day of Miracles.

While doing all of the above things, I expect I’ll be listening to Aqualung. They’re fabulous, and my new favorite. Here ya go.

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