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Every day is Mother’s Day

momnmeSo. Today is Mother’s Day.

I couldn’t go home to see my mom this weekend, because of BethyGirl2’s soccer game last night, and a project due on Monday morning.  (By the way, she scored her first goal ever. Proud mommy am I.)   It was just too hard to squeeze in 8 hours on the road.  I know Mom understands, but I was pretty bummed about not seeing her. 

In my weird techygeekgirl way, I decided to change up my myspace a little… you know, change my default pic to a “Mom and me” pose…  and then realized that as my song, I had Hot in Herre by Jenny Owen Youngs. Not exactly jiving with the mom/daughter theme, if you get my drift. I proceeded to embark on a wild goose chase through myspace music to try and find a song that even remotely had to do with motherhood and its virtues… of course, one with some essence of cool about it. Because that’s how I roll.
But I digress.

I ended up going through my favorites, and found this song by Rosie Thomas. I had always liked how it sounded, but hadn’t really taken the lyrics in. (Which is sort of odd for me, because I’m usually very lyriccentric. yes I just made up a word…)
Gah. too much coffee tonight, I can’t seem to stay on track. Here’s the song, and just in case you’re on your way to a fire and can’t take the time to watch the video, here are the lyrics.

If you had any sort of awkward childhood, I think you’ll be able to relate to this song. Shoot, my own father told me that he thought I had the ‘longest awkward period in the history of awkward periods.’ Nice, huh? 😉 He’s right, by the way. (Love you, Pop.)

So. After watching and listening to the song, I really started thinking about how supportive my mom has been, not just in the past few years, which have been very tough, but throughout all of my strange, timid, geekorama existence.
Thanks mom…
for volunteering in my class,
being my girl scout leader,
teaching my ccd classes,
putting notes in my lunchbox,
giving the evil eye to the horrid popular girls in junior high,
making me list 10 good things about myself when I was 13,
talking to me and making sure that I knew I could talk to you,
paying mucho bucks for cheerleading camp and uniforms,
chaperoning my senior trip and somehow still being cool,
making me want to go to college,
paying for college,
paying for my wedding,
loving my girls,
loving me even when I wrote that awful letter (out of love, but still…),
respecting my choices even when you disagreed,
and supporting me in every single possible manner during the last 3 years, which have easily been the most character building of my 34 years of life.

There is absolutely no way that I could repay what you’ve given me. Having you for a mom is a privilege and a blessing.
Happy Mother’s Day.

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