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Lucky you.

So I worked 11 hours yesterday and then went out to the Comedy Warehouse. Got home around 2 am…

…and was back up at 7:30, to attend an Awards Show at BethyGirl2’s school. (She got the citizenship award for her class; which basically means she’s just a fabulous person. Is anyone surprised?)

The plan after that was to head off to the Second Happiest Place on Earth and work from 12 to 6.
However, I realized that I had forgotten BethyGirl1’s Gifted Class had an afterschool field trip/celebration, and I had agreed to drive.


I was going to have to call in yet another personal day. Wow, the mouse is really going to love me.

So, I call in, then 30 minutes later, BethyEx calls. He wants to pick BethyGirl1 up from the party.
Which means that I lost a 6 hour shift just so that I could drive from the school to the partyplace. 15 minutes. Urgh.

This lovely post has been brought to you by the “I’ve-been-in-a-funk-for-the-past-week-and-can’t-seem-to-escape-Bethybrain”

One thought on “Lucky you.

  1. Sorry you have been in a funk!

    Let’s see – picture your happy place, or that happy man fantasy 😉 – I hope the funk passes soon.


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