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Saturdays. yay.

mickeyOk, so I’m off to a Build-a-Bear Birthday Party (say that 5 times fast) and then home to take a nap.  I’m preparing for a short but late shift tonight working for The Mouse.   It’s Grad Nite, a basically-all-nite party for Florida high school seniors. I get to dress up in my lovely Adventureland costume, (complete with red MC Hammer, aka Agrahammer, pants) listen to music, and police a bunch of 17 & 18 year olds. And believe it or not, I’m pretty excited about it. Shouldn’t be too much traffic where I am, so I anticipate a lot of cast member goof offness. Last night Mickey rode Aladdin’s Magic Carpets. I’m hoping he makes another visit tonight. Fun fun. I’ll be working at least til 2:30am (sigh) and possibly 4:30 if I can convince them to let me stay and get paid for a few more hours.

Then up in the morning to go to mass, because, apparently, the good catholic girl in me is starting to reappear.

…and if I don’t get off the computer right this second, I’m going to be late for bear building. You guys be safe out there on the information superhighway. Smooches to you, and happy shooting.

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