Here I go again…

Hiiiii. So.

Here I go again, trying to get my life into some measure of control. After having spent last night with a bunch of people who were completely OUT of control (and who didn’t seem to mind…), I decided that I truly need to add a little discipline to my own existence.

Now don’t get me wrong, to the casual observer I’m quite responsible and grown up. …I think…

well, unless they see the inside of my car. ha. yeah that gives some folks a clue as to my true person.

If it’s as they say, that who you are when you’re all alone is who you really are, then oops I’m a mess. I lived a life for too long that was all about appearances. In doing so, I think I started to forget the real reasons for doing things. Like personal satisfaction of a job well done. For example… and here’s where I have the most problems, and really always have… If someone is coming over to my house, I’ll get it all neat and pretty, but only after 10 hours of slaving, because I haven’t cleaned in the past month. or two. or however long since the last visitor. Ugh. Thinking about it gets me all stressy.

I have a feeling I’m rambling a bit, but I’m just going to go with it.

So. What I’d like to do is come up with some sort of schedule wherein my house remains in a presentable state. I have drop-in sort of neighbors, and I’m tired of having to barricade my front door with my bod so that they can’t see in. It gets tiring to have to worry about it.

Yeah I’m rambling.

I’ve made a schedule for tomorrow, which includes downtime. If I go by it, then tomorrow at this time I’ll be able to tell you that my house is semi-clean. Which would be so nice. The girls rooms should be done, and the downstairs should at least have been swept and picked up.

Cross your fingers for me. I’m lacking faith that I’ll complete it, somehow. History, maybe? Dunno.

I’ll report back.

I think this whole blog was a waste of time. But here’s a pic that reminds me of fun stuff.

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