What I’m procrastinating today: 1) At the moment I…

What I’m procrastinating today:
1) At the moment I have no car insurance. My parents bought me a car about ummm 2 months ago… yeah I never called to get it changed over. Mom’s having a freak out fit and I KNOW that I need to get it done, but the idea of doing it seems monstrous. Instead, I find that living in fear of a fender bender is somehow preferable. Yes I’m 33. I think perhaps meds would be a good idea. Do they make anti–procrastination medication? What would it be called? I’ll contemplate and get back to bloggage on that one. I bet J5 could help me out.

2) Cleaning my apartment. I have some garbage bags out on the back porch that have been there for about a week now. Being that I live in Florida, it might be a little rank out on the ole balcony. I can’t smell it from here, and nothing’s leaking out of the bags so I guess I’m ok for now. But it really should be done soon.

3) Sending an email to my custody lady about the stbx’s recent attempts to keep me out of the loop children-wise. I won’t get into that now, but ya know, I’m sure it will come up again in the near future, and at that point I’ll be in discuss-every-stupid-arrogant-thing-he’s-ever-done phase. Wait for it….Wow I think that’s it on the procrastination for the day. Of course it’s early, so I could conceivably think of something else at any point… OH!

4) Call my old neighbor. I think I have a job opportunity. I’ve been sitting on my duff since November, waiting for my divorce to happen. Now that it’s been put off until September, I think perhaps I’m tired of putting my life on hold. I procrastinate a lot of things, but LIFE? not so much. So anyway. Job. Office manager-type thing for a guy who used to live under me here at Lotus. I’m supposed to answer phones and.. get this… pay his bills on time and stuff. SHhh we won’t tell him….That’s it for now, I’m sure I’ll return for more fun stuff.

Yep, so here I am.

Did lots of fun stuff this afternoon. We went out to the pool, which I thought was deserted, but there turned out to be the Lone Creepy Guy hanging out in the corner. He was a tad skeevy, with his big dark shades on. I wondered why he was even there. Not swimming, not sunning, just sort of … pooling. I don’t quite get it.

oops, almost the end of today… if I say more later, it’ll be on tomorrow’s blog.

End of Day 1

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