eliza's kids

Bob Evans will never be the same…

bobevans.JPG               Said, Sofiya, Kate, Abby, Nagila, and Israfel

What a motley crew…

We went to Kate’s soccer game tonight (go blue sharks!)… and had a few friends join us.  What a fabulous time we had…  Eliza and Bethany from work came, and Eliza brought the Russian children that she tutors during the week.  I ADORE spending time with these children; I love the fact that the girls get exposure to a culture so different from their own, and the way that it helps them to be creative in their communication skills.  I’m so proud of their ability to interact and play with them, even though verbally it’s tough to get their point across sometimes.

Awesome tonight listening to Said talk to his brother on the phone and say “hi! what’s up!” in an American accent.  They all played together and drew pictures together, and spelled words… it’s amazing how interested the Russian boys and girls are in spelling… they’re constantly asking “Miss Elizabeth” to give them words to spell, etc.  We spent a lot of time at dinner showing off what crazy faces we can make, and what kind of odd contortions we can create with our hands… Israfel was especially adept at that one. I think he’s double jointed or something.  It makes me smile to think about it.  Nagila’s laugh is the most infectious thing ever, and she has a fabulous sense of humor.  Eliza must be so proud… the Orlando Sentinel did a story on her with the kids… you can read it here.

One last thing… when we were about to leave, all the Russian kids ( I hate calling them that but I don’t want to have to list them all individually…) were loaded in Eliza’s car… she turned up the music and they all started rocking out to Justin Timberlake and “Sexyback”… they ALL were singing and dancing, the whole car was shaking. It was awesome. Said was hanging out of the window with a popcorn bucket on his head, saying, “I am the hat in the cat! I am the hat in the cat!”
I love these kids.
Kate said more than once that it was the best night she’d had in a really long time. I totally know how she feels. I hope we do it again next week.
Happy Happy.