I think I’ll accomplish something today.

Well, Thanksgiving was lovely, I spent lots of time with the fam.. Oddly enough I
have no pictures, except for the pie. I guess we know where my head was. I swear I gained at least 5 pounds this week. Today is supposed to be my diet-start day, but I forgot about it until after I’d made eggs in a basket and hashbrowns. Not exactly health conscious.  Must. Do. Better.

So with all the Christmas things happening, I know that there are a million things I have to do to prepare… first off, make some money.  Sooo, I simply MUST submit an invoice today.  Also on the list, shaving my poor Shih-tzu, Annie. BethyGirl1 tried to groom her this past week, the result of which is a dog who looks like a lion. I have to even the widdle baby out.  Dad got me a new printer, so I’ll be setting up a little office area in my room. Cleaning the living area and the kitchen as well. I think I can do it…I just can’t decorate the mess.

I was supposed to go out tonight but haven’t heard a peep from anyone. Perhaps I’ll just stay in and watch Christmas movies!
Tonight: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation on AMC
               How the Grinch Stole Christmas on ABC

2 thoughts on “I think I’ll accomplish something today.

  1. Well poop. I got this too late. She is freshly shaven and precious. Although I sort of hacked up her face hair. Oh well. She’s not entering any beauty pageants any time soon.


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