Barnes & Noble

..now has free WiFi. This is good for several reasons.

I can’t get any work done at home. For some reason I just end up playing Monopoly online…or worse, facebooking. It’s a little more shameful out in public to waste time like that. If I look busy, I have to actually be accomplishing something. In this case, it’s simply blogging, but legit because I’m waiting for an email from a client.

The girls are doing homework at the table next to me. Ok that’s a lie. They just finished their homework. BethyGirl1 is writing the entire script of every Halo game that’s ever been released. She currently has 66 pages. I’m not sure what the benefit is, but she gets a great amount of enjoyment from it.
BethyGirl2 is reading a Twilight book. Oh how I despise Twilight…. I don’t think I’ll ever understand the phenomenon. I mean, I get that 12 year olds enjoy it, because it was written for that age group. But it never fails to surprise me that educated adults go gaga over it.

I start hosting Live Trivia Challenge tomorrow night. Should be fun, maybe I’m destined to be a game show host! Watch out, Drew Carey, I’m coming to getcha! Now if I can only get the sound system to work properly… I need some good luck wishes fo sho.

One thought on “Barnes & Noble

  1. Barnes and Nobles are a regular part of our nights out and travels anywhere. The coffee is OK, the food passing, the books plentiful. Even though we bring our own books, we still end up browsing and often taking more home.


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