And my hair still looked good…


 The Cast of Characters:

  • Brooke (the dreamer), Amy, Beth, and Billy, playing the parts of brave, daredevil mountain climbers and river floaters


  • Bethany and Krissy (not pictured: Jamie, because I apparently have no pictures of her), playing the parts of the Rescue Team and possible Suburban drivers:
  • bethbethanykrissybrooke.jpg

    So Brooke had a dream about all of us a few nights ago, and here’s the email I got about it. Priceless, and I had to share it.

ok so for some reason you, amy, and i were in alaska and we were on the side of this mountain just there don’t know why then all of the sudden this HUGE rock started falling on the side of the mountain but we didn’t think it was a big deal-we just all stepped to the side and let it fall but this gianormous polar bear and some other animal were running like crazy and they jumped in this lake or ocean which was basically all covered in ice and they swam away-well where we were standing the ice started to break and then we fell in well the water started getting really swift and i guess we were now in a river-lol..well we saw the polar bear ahead of us and saw him fall down and then we knew it was a waterfall but still no big deal to us-so we fell down the waterfall then somehow we ended up in some nasty brown river in oklahoma-lol…and billy ended up joining us…so we floated and floated and it got to be really shallow that we could feel the bottom and it felt like silky sand (weird that i remembered that) then we started realizing that this town was flooded and we were floating through it-we went through a couple intersections and then you suggested that we swim to the side and go to a gas station and call someone-so when we walked up to a pay phone bethany, krissy, and jamie were all there to give us money so we could call for help-then someone came and picked us up in a black suburban oh and you were wearing a red polka dot bikini and even afterwards i remember how great your hair looked after all we had been through-crazy dream just thought i would share that with ya!!

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