One day…

if I ever own an suv, I’m getting this bumper sticker.
Natalie Dee rocks.

I’m bored.

Random thoughts:

  • Wow, Britney was bad, huh?
  • Kanye is a sissy boy.
  • Sarah Silverman is a little too mean for my taste.
  • Kid Rock and Tommy Lee. Ha. Overshadowed by Britney’s badness.
  • This whole post is pretty much meaningless drivel.

Hope you enjoyed it! Good stuff, this.

**edit** Crapola, due to my lovely template, the whole pic wouldn’t show, and I’m too lazy to fix it at the moment. soooo…. go to Natalie’s page and read it there. K thanks.

**edit again** thanks johnnyfive, for helping me fix it. xoxo

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