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We Can’t Use This

May 25th will be one year since J5 and I reconnected. In anticipation of this glorious event, I made a lil vid. We’re pretty fabulous, don’t you think?

…And I did this earlier, which was a hoot. I’m one smart cookie.
How smart are you?

12 thoughts on “We Can’t Use This

  1. Oh my god, you two are so beautiful together….that’s it, I’m stalkin’ ya’ll heeheehee

    He looks like a mix between Brad Pitt, Steve Buscemi, and someone else…can’t place my finger on it yet. What did you use to film/edit video?


  2. oh and I use Windows Movie Maker. It locks up like crazy though, and on more than one occasion I’ve forgotten to save as I was working, and have lost whole videos.
    Then I cry.


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