3 am forced poetry. fun!

Ok, I really really should be sleeping right now, but I just had to wander over to el bloggo to see if anything interesting had happened while I was chatting with TheFive. And of course, I get greeted with this, from Sindy:

Ok, I think someone has it out for me! Laura, the awesome mommy in charge of Twinfinite Chaos has decided it’s time for me to write a poem. Doesn’t she know I have always sucked at poetry? It’s a doggone good thing it has to start with “Roses are red”; because even if it didn’t that’s what you’d get! With that as the mandatory first line I won’t look nearly as lame

Roses are red.
My eyes are blue
I should be in bed.
And you should too!

Painful. So painful I am going to pass the pain along. Misery loves company, right? That means, it’s your turn … Bethy, Sherrie, and Jo.”

So here goes, and oddly enough, it ended up rhyming.

Roses are red,
or so they say,
but do you ever wonder
how they got that way?
Was it the flush of love
from a random weed
or increased blood flow
from producing a seed?
Perhaps an abrasion
from a passer-by
or an allergic reaction
to the feet of a fly.
It may sound quite silly,
but think in your head.
What happened to that rose
to make it so red?

So of course, I have to tag some other folks. For kicks, how about Dave, Cadberry, and TheFirm. J5, I didn’t tag you officially, but feel free to jump in and sing my praises.


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