Uh oh.

So I was surfing blogs this morning, in my 12-hour-disney-shift-plus-two-hour-ihop-shift stupor, and I made some lovely discoveries. One is A Yoga Coffee Outlook, which led me to ~


Now, it’s not like I haven’t heard the saying before, but every time I read it, it’s like a mental reminder NOT to get in too deep. I live in fear (okay, i’m not exactly ‘living in fear, but you get what I’m saying….) of being the one who cares more, of being the little dog who runs around saying, “pay attention to me! pay attention to me!” Guess I did that for a long time, and I’m on the lookout for old habits.
Now I seem to be in a cycle of:

  • love love swoon
  • feel nice and comfy
  • overthink
  • worry about being a Clingy Girl
  • try to make a conscious effort to step back
  • flunk out of Stepping Back
  • decide that it’s silly to play games, and I’d rather give in to LoveLoveSwoon and ComfyFeelings, regardless of the possibility of future hurt
  • repeat

Wow. I just wrote that out.ย  I feel slightly neurotic.ย  Please please please someone tell me that I’m not the only woman who does this.ย 

Poor JohnnyFive. Your favorite female has issues.

I think I’ll go to work now, and consider tearing down this entire post. Sometimes I reveal too much of TheBethyBrain.


11 thoughts on “Uh oh.

  1. well alrightie then.
    I’ll interpret that as, “Bethy you are definitely neurotic and we absolutely cannot empathize with the strange goings-on in your brain.”

    eek. It must be worse than I thought.



  2. You forgot to put in the part about does he have a washer and dryer? Oh wait – that was one of my reasons for dating…..

    There’s a lot to be said for love love swoon, and even more for feel nice and comfy, because those are the two parts that have to be there for the long haul. Part of how I knew DH was the one for me was because I didn’t even contemplate game-playing or have that need-to-know-where-he-is-and-what-he’s-doing.

    And because we could fart around each other. Maybe you should put that in your cycle — do you feel comfortable having body-functions around each other? If not, then move on, honey. I’ve always said that was part of the previous problem — if you can’t fart around each other, eventually something (or someone) is gonna blow – and it ain’t gonna be purty.

    ‘Course you can always just choose to zap my random thoughts from your blog-brain, too (hee hee).


  3. I think I had something funny/cute/thoughtful to say, but it went completely out the window when I read “eventually something (or someone) is gonna blow – and it ainโ€™t gonna be purty. ” ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. Awww, I love how the Bethy brain works! Be true to who you are! It’s all good. Besides, being a bit neurotic is fun — I enjoy it myself! Heh.


  5. How strange…

    that an image which seemed to describe a moment of a day –

    months later describes days, instead of moments.

    or perhaps this image was always was more than it seemed to be,



    ensured that it would become

    more than it had seemed.


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