I’m in my post Johnnyvisit funk again.  This one’s different though.  Heh. I have a sense of purpose about me… life changes that need to be made, to make me better, more independent.  Why is it that I’m 34 and am just now getting the feeling that it’s grown-up time?  Oh well, I guess I’m glad it’s arriving.   The New and Improved Bethy? Maybe.  I think I’m afraid of becoming the New and Usedtobemorefun Bethy.

Reading a new book… Stumbling on Happiness….It’s not a self help book, or a guide to becoming happier… More like a tutorial on how the brain works, how and why we seem to really suck at predicting our future happiness.  So far I’m intrigued.  I have a feeling I’ll be commenting more on it as I get further in.

And I think I’m quitting Disney soon. 

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