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Dan, I’m sorry, but I’m totally stealing this from you. I adore Imogen Heap, and you have to share, that’s all there is to it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m leaving in an hour to go see someone from the church I used to attend. She’s one of the people I really felt a connection with; she was my friend. I’m kind of hoping to continue that friendship now; it’s been, wow, 10 years (is that right? I don’t know…) since I’ve seen her. I’m anxious, yet hopeful, that she wants to see me because of me, and not to ‘save’ me. I mean, I know her beliefs, generally, and I know that part of her religion is to preach it to others, so I’m pretty sure that’ll be part of it. I’m nervous. Can’t type what I’m feeling, really. I want her to see me and see that I’m not a bad guy, I’m not the enemy, I’m just a woman who couldn’t deal with those beliefs anymore. I don’t want to look at her and see her looking down at me. I want this to be about friendship, and not religion.

I guess I’ll know tonight, huh?

Wish me luck.

And Happy Cinco de Mayo to all you party people. Be careful.

4 thoughts on “I.Love.This.

  1. Oh jesus! I hope it turns out to be friendship. My sister and I fight over this all the time. It’s scary because they do go covert for a while and then spring it on you just when you think things are cool…. Just don’t be too disapointed when it comes up. You are not related to her so she’ll still get in with out you…. : )


  2. I think things went well. We caught up, which, in essence, required talk of church and things related. I know how she feels, and I’m pretty sure she knows how I feel; I think we kind of just have to agree to disagree.


  3. Yeah, I think she should just understand you’re aware of the options and focus on being your friend. It is ultimately your decision and it sucks people are scarred away from the church by people that push religion so relentlessly. sigh.. but that’s sweet you guys truced it up.

    anyways, that imogen heap gal is so great! oh and take w/e ya want from the ol blog, whenever! haha Have a great day!


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