Coming soon: Strong Camino bod

Hard core training time is coming! I have to get this body ready!


  • 5 miles/day, one 10 miler on the weekends. Starting in June I’ll be doing those walks with my pack on.
  • Gradually decrease the time and temperature of my showers
  • Start sleeping with earplugs in my ears/stop getting angry at Shawn for snoring CONSTANTLY

While getting Kate through her junior year of high school, Abby through her sophomore year in college, moving in a month, and juggling 3 part time jobs, I think my tiny training plan will be plenty challenging. I’m committed to keeping myself accountable so hopefully that means more relevant camino posts are on the way. We shall see.

I finally joined APOC last week, and got this handy dandy patch to put on my backpack. It may clash a little with my purple – hopefully I won’t be mistaken for an LSU fan. :)


That’s all for now, folks! I’ve got stuff to do!



“In my opinion, there are two types of perfect. The first is the type that seems so obvious and intuitive to you and everyone else that in a perfect world would simply be considered standard; but, in reality, in our flawed world, what should be considered standard is actually so rare that it has to be elevated to the level of ‘perfect.’ This is the type of perfect that makes you and most other people think, ‘Why isn’t everything like this? Why is it so hard to find…’ a black V-neck cotton sweater, or a casual non-chain restaurant with comfortable booths, etc.-‘that is just exactly the way everyone knows something like this should be?’ ‘Perfect,’ we all say with relief when we finally find something like this that is exactly as it should be. “Perfect. Why was that so hard to find?’“The other type of perfect is the type you never could have expected and then could never replicate.” 
-B. J. Novak, “Sophia,” in One More Thing

Searching for a new happy medium

Whoa whoa whoa – can you say post-vacation letdown? Emo alert on that last post. Sorry folks, welcome to my world. It’s a little weird.

Anyhoo, it is definitely time to get out of my own head. There are many many things to do around here. So far, the plans for next year have gone from deciding that we will not be doing a family vacation because of my Camino to HEY LET’S DO EVERYTHING IN 2016.

Where we were:       September 2016: Camino
Where we are now:   December 2015: Move to a house
March 2016: 5 Day Cruise for Lolly’s 40th birthday
June 2016: Spend a week in St George Island with the fam
September/October 2016: Dad and I go to Spain

There may be just a little stress involved there. Maybe. I mean, it’s great, and I’m thankful. But it’s overwhelming, especially since I’m only working part time now. Correction: VERY part time. I’d love to get something else, but then it interferes with real life too much and just ends up being a hassle for very little $$ return. Repeat: I’m thankful. It’s not a terrible problem to have, and I know that. But I’m starting to feel a little useless, and I don’t like that.

I read a little article yesterday (you can find it here) that basically explained the worst possible life circumstance for each Myers-Briggs personality type. I’m an ENFP, which is no surprise, and here’s what mine said:

ENFP – Every minute of the rest of your life has been scheduled for you – and it’s a long series of arbitrary, solitary tasks.

Note to self: Don’t let this happen. I hate ruts and every emotion that goes with them. Trouble is, I find myself in them pretty easily. Why would I be drawn to the situation that would hurt me the most?  Lord, I’ve asked myself that question before.

But I digress. Again.
The point here is that I’m going to have to get outside more, meet new people, and stop being at home so much. I can’t expect The Universe to give me opportunities if I don’t go out into it.

Is that the point? Hell, I don’t know. Thank goodness I’m the only one who reads this thing.


I got my pack! It’s an Osprey Sirrus 24 and my first official piece of Camino gear!

Dad and I went up to Tallahassee to conquer a few hills, and ended up at Trail & Ski. Imagine that. :)
The guy there was SO helpful. We were really just there to poke around and look at prices and things, but when I put the pack on, Dad basically said, “Happy Early Birthday!” and I ended up going home with what will soon be my best friend. (I hope.) Here’s a pic of her:


Now, she’s small. But Nadine says I can do it, so I believe her. It will be a challenge. The pack itself weighs 2.3 lbs, which leaves me about 8 lbs of stuff to put in it. Then water and food. The rule of thumb is that you should be carrying about 10% of your body weight, which puts me at 12 pounds, give or take a little. It’s a challenge, that, if completed, will make my feet and back mucho happy.

Can I just go? Now?


Changing things up, blogwise.

Hey! I’m messing with my theme today, so everything’s going to be all jacked up for a bit. :)

I’ve apparently lost my old header, which is sad sad sad…but Kate is 16 now so I should probably do a better job of keeping up with the times. We’ll see what I can come up with.

Anyhoo, hang in there with me while I play with this thing, and if you have any suggestions, feel free to jump right in with them.